“Blowfish (Fugu) cuisine” Japanese high-class dishes


Fugu (Blowfish) cuisine

(Fugu) cuisine is a cuisine mainly based on puffer.

It was built around the west areas of Japan such as Yamaguchi Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture of Japan.
It spread all over Japan after 1940.
Blowfish has poison in its internal organs, so it is difficult to handle, and in Japan it is mandatory for cooking to be a professional qualified person.


Fugu-sashi ふぐ刺し (Blowfish sashimi)

Sashimi that was sliced ​​to be transparent as a result of craftsmanship skills are arranged beautifully on the dish.
Light reflects on Fugu-sashi and the entire dish shines brilliantly.
The texture is wonderful and the more you chew, the more the flavor comes out.
※ Sashimi (刺身) is a piece of raw food such as seafood raw cut into small pieces,
It is Japanese cuisine to eat with seasoning such as soy sauce.


Fugu-nabe ふぐ鍋 (Blowfish pot)

Fugu nabe is a hot pot dish in which pufferfish slices and bones are cooked together with vegetables in konbu (a kind of kelp used for Japanese soup stock) soup stock in an earthenware pot.
Fugu nabe is also called ‘fugu chiri’ as ‘chiri’ means a hot pot with sliced fish.


Fugu zosui ふぐ雑炊 (Blowfish rice porridge)

When the contents of the hot pot have been eaten, people usually salt the left over soup, add rice and bring it to boil, making fugu zosui (a porridge of pufferfish, rice and vegetables).


Fugu no Karaage ふぐの唐揚げ (Blowfish fried)

This dish is cut a Fugu in a bite size, it fried with flour and fried in oil.


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